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How do we learn language?

Infants and young children are exquisitely poised to capture the statistical information embedded in speech. How powerful does statistical learning serve as a learning mechanism throughout life? How does human brain adapts to the dynamic changes of statistics embedded in language inputs? Learn more…

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Why do some individuals struggle with language?

Although the majority of us learned our mother tongue effortlessly, millions of individuals struggle in mastering their native languages for effective communication. What language-learning mechanisms lead to impaired language in children with autism, dyslexia and specific language impairment? How does brain function and structure change in the context of language dysfunction? Learn more…

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Who are more equipped for foreign language learning success?

Economic globalization gives rise to the ever-increasing social demands of mastering multiple languages. However, learning a novel language during adulthood is notoriously challenging and marked by wide disparities in attainment. What are the cognitive and neural characteristics of adult language learning success? Learn more…

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Outside of the language system

Language processing and learning recruit domain-general cognitive mechanisms. What are they? Learn more …

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